RYCROFT Vari-E Breeze Plate Heat Exchangers

Sustainability is the key driver for developing the latest generation of Vari-E-Breeze Instantaneous Water Heaters. Advances in control technology, thermal performance and the addition of Aquatherm piping result in a complete package that is not only highly efficient but also easily operated with no nonsense plug and play features.

Plate heat exchangers provide a fast reacting and variable response to hot water demands, especially when those demands can change in seconds from, say, a single tap to a multiple shower operation. The Vari-E-Breeze combines our plate exchanger expertise with the variable speed technology of the Grundfos MAGNA pump, giving closer control of output, greater speed of response and therefore, enhanced energy efficiency and lower running costs. The Vari-E-breeze range is available in outputs from 0·25 l/sec to 4·0 l/sec.

In addition to the time, temperature and pump control setting, the standard Breeze controller offers an automatic night set-back plus an anti-legionella pasteurisation cycle, retransmission of water temperature, remote set point adjustment and BMS compatibility, with single or twin head variable speed pump.