ELCO Trigon XL

The TRIGON® XL represents a significant step forward in heating technology. With extremely flexible configurations, clever design and a range of models available, the boiler is perfect for a variety of commercial applications. Plus, extensive cascade arrangements of up to eight boilers with a combined output of 4,560kW are possible.


Lifetime high efficiency and low emissions

The unique water-cooled cold flame premix-burner and the optimised combustion zone achieve extremely low NOx and CO emissions and provide impressive lifetime high efficiencies of up to 110%.

Stunning flexibility for every application

With a dT of 30 K and maximum working pressure of 8 bar, the TRIGON® XL can cope with almost every application, either in single or advanced cascade applications. Its lightweight construction with low water content also allows rooftop installations.

Compact dimensions

The range comprises 7 models from 150 – 570kW with 2 widths. All models are designed to pass through standard 760mm wide doors.

Smart modular concept

All TRIGON® XL boilers can be disassembled for easy side handling. This allows the boiler to be easily installed into buildings with restricted access. For easy manoeuvring on site the boilers are supplied with cargo wheels.