The NEW THISION® L EVO is a completely re-engineered range of wall-mounted condensing boilers with outputs from 60kW to 140kW.

Outstanding features include:

  • Flat metal fibre cold flame burner for extremely low NOx emissions
  • Robust stainless steel heat exchanger with double wall geometry providing superb heat transfer
  • Extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems
  • Robust heat exchanger with double-wall geometry – Superb heat transfer at both full and partial load, achieving a flue gas temperature only 2ºC above the return temperature at full load.
  • 30ºC (30k) flow/return temperature differential – An improved temperature differential allows easier integration with district heating systems while maintaining optimum efficiency.
  • Cascade packages – In line and back to back arrangements facilitate quick installation of systems up to 1.1MW – even in limited plant room spaces. They also provide inherent back up and system security.
  • 8 bar max water pressure – With an enhanced capacity to supply heating and hot water to higher buildings, there is no need for hydraulic system separation.
  • Low auxiliary energy consumption – An extremely low resistance within the heat exchanger’s geometry ensures less than 0.15kW of electrical energy is needed to run a 140kW boiler at full load.
  • Flat metal fibre cool flame burner – An optimised combustion zone achieves extremely low NOx emissions of 38mg/kWh, which already complies to future Ecodesign Class 6 requirements.