BIDDLE Forceflow Low Surface Temperature Fan Convector

Fan convectors have for many years been acknowledged to be one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of heating a room quickly. With minimal maintenance requirements fan convectors rapidly distribute heat throughout a room whilst occupying much less wall space than a radiator of equivalent output.

A heat emitter with a surface temperature no greater than 43°C is considered a major safety benefit and because traditional fan convectors may have a surface temperature in excess of 50°C, Biddle have developed a LST fan convector range.

Thoroughly tested by BSRIA, Forceflow LST is possibly the only fan convector complying with DHSS Engineering Data DN4 and NHS Estates Health Guidance Note ‘ Safe Hot Water and Surface Temperatures’ 1998 (less than 43°C surface temperature with water flow temperatures of 80°C). And because of Forceflow LST’s innovative nature the product has a patent pending.